What is the best outdoor Flagpole for me?

Never Furl or Free Spinning Flagpole

How to choose the right outdoor flagpole for you

When looking for a flagpole, what are my options?

Red River Flags offers many different options. Here are a few options:


NeverFurl or Free Spinning House Flagpole

A simple option is the Neverfurl or Free Spinning house flagpole. This is a two-piece aluminum flagpole that comes in 5’ x 1” or 6’ x 1” sizes that are great for attaching to the side of your home, a post, or other flat surface using a bracket. (Brackets sold separately).

Poles come complete with two clear PVS flag collars to attach a traditional heading and grommet flag. They are also equipped with a stainless-steel snap and plastic swivel ring for vertical banner display. Poles are 1” in diameter. These two-piece poles are available in a silver, white painted, or wood grain finish with a gold ball topper (except the 6’ silver pole comes with a silver ball topper). The top of the pole rotates on ball bearings, so the flag won’t tangle. There is no need for an unfurling tube.


Telescoping Flagpoles

Red River Flags offers quality Telescoping flagpole options.

The Telescoping Flagpole has anodized aluminum swivel rings (25’ Original Telescoping Flagpole comes with polycarbonate swivel rings) that allow the flag to fly 360 degrees around the pole, preventing the flag from wrapping around the pole. This creates less wear and tear on your flag and less annoying untangling for you.

Due to its unique design, each section of the flagpole raises and lowers with ease. All you do is match the arrow to the hole and click the button in place. Just press the release button to lower your sliders. This also allows you to fly your flag at different heights.

Telescoping flagpoles come complete with a gold ball topper, US nylon flag, aluminum rings for 2 flags (25’ Original Telescoping Flagpole comes with polycarbonate rings), and installation sleeve.

These are Made in the USA

 16′ Aluminum Presidential Telescoping Flagpole Package – 2 ¼” base diameter, 16-guage (Ball, 3’x5′ USA flag, Aluminum rings for 2 flags & ground installation sleeve)

20’ Aluminum Presidential Telescoping Flagpole Package – 2 ½” base diameter, 16-gauge (Ball, 3’x5’ USA flag, Aluminum rings for 2 flags, & ground installation sleeve)

 25’ Aluminum Original Telescoping Flagpole Package – 2 ½” base diameter, 16-gauge (Ball, 3’x5’ USA flag, Polycarbonate rings for 2 flags, & ground installation sleeve)

20’ OR 25’ Aluminum Heavy-Duty Telescoping Flagpole Package – 3” base diameter, 13 gauge (Ball, 4’x6’ USA flag, Aluminum Rings for 2 flags, & ground installation sleeve)


One-Piece Aluminum Internal or External Halyard Flagpoles

Red River Flags offers quality one-piece aluminum flagpoles with many options.

The aluminum one-piece flagpoles are constructed of Aluminum Alloy 6063, a marine grade alloy that exhibits extremely high resistance to corrosion. On contact with air, Aluminum forms a resistant layer of aluminum oxide. This process naturally guards against corrosion, allowing our flagpoles to be left unfinished while ensuring a lifetime of aesthetic beauty.

These are Made in the USA

Some options to consider:


Satin Finish – The Satin Aluminum Finish is achieved in a multi-pass, mechanical rotary sanding operation utilizing specially formulated abrasives. This attention to detail ensures a consistent, brushed aluminum finish that has become the industry’s first choice for low-maintenance and enduring flagpole finishes.

Powder Coat Finish (Clear, White, Bronze, Black) –

Our manufacturer uses state-of-the-art, on-site Powder Coating operations with the highest quality polyester thermoset powders.

Anodized Finish – Our manufacturer offers standard Anodized flagpole finishes in Clear, Dark Bronze, and Black. Exacting manufacturing specifications enhance the anodizing process, ensuring our customers the optimum color and longevity in colored Anodized finishes.

External halyard – utilize flagpole Trucks with an exposed Pulley, Rope Halyard, and Flagpole Cleat. Truck options include Single Stationary, Single Revolving, and Double Revolving.

Internal Halyard – Winch vs Cam Cleat. Designs that are specially designed for the rigorous demands of outdoor flagpole systems. Winch Systems incorporate Wire Halyard with a gear less Winch and Winch Handle. Cam Cleat Systems utilize Rope Halyard in a heavy-duty action cleat.

Mounting Height – The Mounting Height of flagpoles refers to the exposed height above grade and is measured to the top of the flagpole shaft. When trucks and ornaments are added, overall height can be greater by 1’-2’, which can be relevant in areas with height ordinances.

*Exception – Standard Ground Set Flagpoles offered in 25’ Mounting Heights are manufactured in a single piece with an overall length of 26’-6”. Below grade 2’-6” will be inserted into the Ground Sleeve. When the truck and finial are attached, the nominal height of the completed flagpole with be 25’. This industry accepted standard allows shipping in a pup trailer at a significant freight savings.

Single and Multi-Piece Flagpole Shafts – We offer flagpoles in both single and multi-piece designs. Single piece flagpoles are offered in Mounting Heights up to 40’ (44’ overall length), combining ease of installation with superior aesthetics. 30’-40’ flagpoles are also available in a 2-piece option, providing the perfect solution when freight costs or job site locations are a deciding factor. Flagpoles 45’ and larger will contain multiple piece shafts based on Mounting Height. Sections can be easily field assembled without any loss of structural integrity, leaving only a hairline joint to indicate that the shaft is not a single piece flagpole.

Wall Thickness – The wall thickness is measured in inches, with Commercial flagpoles varying from 0.125” to 0.500”.

Collar Options – All commercial flagpoles include a 1-piece aluminum collar as standard. 1-Piece and 2-Piece Collards in Spun Aluminum and ¼” thick heavy-duty Cast Aluminum designs are available for upgrade and replacement options.

Ornaments – Our manufacturer offers a patented heavy-duty Flagpole Ball, a standard on all our commercial flagpoles. Specialty Balls, Finials, and Eagles are also available as an upgrade. Ornaments deliver both aesthetics and unmatched reliability, providing the perfect finishing touch to any flagpole.

Halyard Security – Cleat Cover Assemblies, Halyard Cover Assemblies, and Halyard Security Kits (combining the Cleat and halyard Covers) provide tamper resistant security for External Halyard flagpoles.

Ground Set or Shoe Base Options Available –

Ground Set installations are the strongest and most common type of flagpole installation. They require burial of the ground sleeve in a concrete foundation to a depth equal to 10% of the mounting height.

Shoe Base installations are typically used when an above ground installation is required.

**Please see Spec Sheets for pricing. Please note that pricing changes with height, base diameter, wall thickness, color, and whether it’s an internal or external halyard flagpole.

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