Red River Flags is a family owned, second generation flag company located in Akeley, MN.

In 1984, Denise’s parents, Carole and Gene Becker, started Country Flags. Denise even worked for Country Flags in the early years of the company until she went off to college.

Denise watched as her parents took on this new venture and started their flag company from the ground up. They had so many hopes and dreams surrounding their company and their futures. They were determined, they were driven, and they had never been afraid of hard work. Denise saw firsthand that it wasn’t always easy, as both her parents worked full time jobs, in addition to building Country Flags. But the thing that stood out was that they never gave up and they never quit!! They built their company into a successful business by offering quality products, at competitive prices, with great service, that eventually Denise’s mom let go of her full time “day” job to work their business full time.

As some of you may know, Denise lost her mom to cancer in 2007, which makes carrying on the business that much sweeter. Denise and Dwayne have and cherish the honor of carrying on the legacy of the business Carole and Gene worked so hard to build. The business they poured their heart and soul into.

Having started Red River Flags from the ground up in 2009, Denise and Dwayne are no strangers to what it takes to run a successful flag business. They also both worked full-time jobs while building their business. Dwayne as a career Firefighter and Denise as a Registered Nurse. Dwayne recently retired from the Fire Service after 35 years of service and Denise stepped away from Nursing to take care of the daily operations of Red River Flags. Just as Country Flags did, Red River Flags will continue to offer quality products, at competitive prices, with great service! They are so proud to say that because they consider their customers their friends, they still have the loyalty and business of some of the same customers and businesses for the past 40+ years!

In 2014, Country Flags merged with Red River Flags when Denise’s dad retired. Red River Flags will continue to carry on the value of personalized service, offering quality products, at competitive prices, with great service that Country Flags was known for, whether you are a large corporation, small business, or an individual.

''We look forward to taking care of your flag and flagpole needs!''