Flagpole Halyard/Rope Systems

Let’s talk about Flagpole Halyards
The rate of wear and tear on your flagpole halyard is dependent on many factors including flag size, wind, and climate conditions such as temperature, rain and/or snow, and usage. For this reason, we recommend occasional checks on your halyard for wear and tear.
For the polyester or wire core halyard, this should be replaced if there are any signs of fraying, tearing, or other visible damage.
If your flagpole utilizes the stainless-steel cable halyard, this should be replaced if there are any signs of fraying, kinking, or any other damage is noted.
It is much easier to replace your flagpole halyard BEFORE it breaks so that the old halyard can be utilized to pull the new halyard through the truck pulley on top of your flagpole. If you wait until it breaks to replace, you’ll need a lift or a way to get to the top of the flagpole to re-string the truck pulley system.
When changing your flagpole halyard, this is also a great time to replace your flag-snaps. We have several options depending on your preferences.
Did you know?
Red River Flags will cut to length your polyester and/or wire core halyard.
We also can supply you with your cable halyard replacements.
We also have many flag snap options to fit your needs.
Let us know how we can help you with any of your flag, flagpole, flagpole parts/accessories, and promotional products needs.
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