How To


INCORRECT WAY TO USE YOUR HALYARD SYSTEM (using your flag as part of the halyard system attaching your halyard and flag snap/clip to the top grommet of the flag and then to the bottom grommet of the flag).

CORRECT WAY TO USE YOUR HALYARD SYSTEM (attaching your clips to the continuous halyard system and then attaching your flag to the clips).

The halyard (rope) on your external halyard flagpole system is a continuous loop going to the top of your flagpole, through your truck/pulley system, and back down to the bottom of your flagpole, and wrapped around your cleat. It is meant to be one large continuous loop with the ends of the halyard tied together. Unless you are replacing your halyard, the two ends of the halyard should always remain tied together, even when changing out your flags.

Your flag snaps/clips are then attached to the halyard, which secures your flag to the halyard.

The first photo shows the INCORRECT way to fly your flag, using your flag as part of the halyard system. This puts an enormous amount of stress on the header and grommets of your flag and causes premature and unnecessary wear and tear on your flag.

The second photo shows the CORRECT way to fly your flag. The halyard is one continuous system with the flag snaps/clips attached to the halyard.

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