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2024 Flag Flying Days

Flag Flying Days in 2024

Although Red River Flags encourages flying your flags every day of the year, here are some special flag flying days.

January 1st – New Year’s Day
January 15th – Dr. Martin Luther King Day
January 20th – Inauguration Day

February 12 – Lincoln’s Birthday
February 19th – Washington’s Birthday

March 31st – Easter Sunday

May 12th – Mother’s Day
May 15th – Peace Officers Memorial Day (Half-staff all day)
May 18th – Armed Forces Day
May 27th – Memorial Day (Half-staff until noon)

June 14th – Flag Day
June 14th – Happy 249th Birthday US Army
June 19th – Juneteenth

July 4th – Independence Day

August 4th – Happy 234th Birthday US Coast Guard

September 2nd – Labor Day
September 11th – Patriot Day (Half-staff all day)
September 17th – Constitution Day
September 18th – Happy 77th Birthday US Air Force
September 20th – POW/MIA Recognition Day

October 13th – Happy 249th Birthday US Navy
October 14th – Indigenous Peoples/Columbus Day
October 27th – Navy Day

November 10th – Happy 249th Birthday US Marine
November 11th – Veterans Day
November 28th – Thanksgiving

December 7th – Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day (Half-staff all day)
December 13th – Happy 388th Birthday US National Guard
December 20th – Happy 5th Birthday US Space Force
December 25th – Christmas